End Of Lease Cleaning in Sydney

  • 100% Bond Back Guarantee 
  • FREE RE-CLEAN in the next 72 hours if needed
  • Choose your own suitable time for booking
  • Highly Rated Equipments and machines
  • Natural and eco friendly cleaning products
  • Same Day Service with 24/7 Customer Support
  • No Hidden fees and no extra charge for public holidays and weekends 

100% Bond Back End Of Lease Cleaning Service in Sydney by AMU Cleaning Services

AMU Bond Cleaning Service in Sydney offers vacate cleaning services that guarantee you your bond back. Along with our 100% guaranteed bond-back service, we are also the top lease cleaners and promise a commitment to clean for every customer until they give us their approval!

Moving out? Don’t worry, we can help get your bond back. We’re just a quick phone call away!

Moving out is already stressful and difficult enough without worrying about the time it will take to unpack everything or if you’ll even be able to do so with all of that furniture lying around. But in order for your landlord/real estate agent to give you back any money at all they have on deposit (your security bond), there needs to be minimal evidence that someone has been living in this property since their last visit – which means getting rid of anything left behind here by using us as our premium cleaners who follow REINSW approved checklist when cleaning rental properties because booking us couldn’t easier-simply give one easy click

Bond Cleaning Sydney Prices

What Does Your Move Out Cleaning Service Cover?

Our premium End Of Lease cleaning services includes a professional clean, each task performed by highly-trained experts to secure your bond back. We take every job as an opportunity to ensure you receive the best quality service possible – there are no hidden charges and we offer free recleans within 72 hours if needed! Our cleaners use only approved checklists from REINSW which will leave nothing for chance in getting your bond returned on time.

Service is available 24/7 including weekends and public holidays so that our customers have access when it suits them most; after all, this is what matters the most: convenience! We are a service based Bond Cleaning company who meets your real estate/landlord highest cleaning standards  at very affordable pricing. We are waiting for your one click, Hire Us Now!!

We are waiting for your one click. You want to hire a Bond Cleaning company that will meet the landlord’s standards and keep you on budget. We have affordable prices, so make sure you give us half an hour of your time!

Step by Step Procedure we follow to help you get your bond back

  1. Cleaners will give you half an hour call before arriving at your property once they arrive one of the team leader will inspect your property. 
  2. S/he will let you know if anything needs to get done that was not mentioned while booking. They will make a report of property and submit it to the office while other team will be unloading their professional cleaning equipments. 
  3. They will discuss with you if you have any major concern on certain areas or any extra job that needs to be done.
  4. Cleaners will wear protective gear not to drag dirt everywhere with them.
  5. Everything that needs extra care and attention will be marked.
  6. One of the cleaners will start the lease cleaning procedure from your kitchen and other from bathroom.
  7. Once the kitchen and bathroom gets done they will start bedroom and living room. 
  8. All the windows and sliding doors will be done it requested cleaners will clean the windows from outside.
  9. They will start doing the additional tasks like steam cleaning, upholstery cleaning.
  10. They will do a final inspection, pay a close attention to everything they have done. They will take care after the things that people usually forget.
  11. Cleaners will inform you that they have finished the job and ask you to do a final inspection and fix it if there are any issues.

Checklist we follow to provide premium End Of Lease Cleaning and help you get your bond back.

What our happiest clients have to say


Meet Our Operators

We have been in the cleaning business for over 10 years and it has taught us that choosing the right representative is one of the keys to getting best results. It’s not about hiring as many staff members or assigning them too much work, but rather selecting a candidate who can represent our company very well with customers while also finding an operator who knows how to do each job we get assigned. The main qualities of all our operators are:

  • Highly trained and experienced
  • Police checked and interviewed in person
  • Insured and Bonded 
  • Trained to inspect professionally about the condition of different surfaces
  • On-time, reliable and trained to treat each customer as VIP

You can always ask for free estimates with our operators. We treat each of our team member as a family and customer as VIP.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many cleaners will come to clean my place?

Normally we assign a team of 2 or 3 for your lease cleaning but it depends on the property size and your preference.

How much notice do we need for booking?

It’s okay if you give us a short-notice for your lease cleaning as we have assigned cleaners to provide same day service but sometimes they also may get assigned for jobs to better if you give us atleast 5-6 days notice before booking.

Do you do Steam cleaning?

Yes, we do steam cleaning. If you want to add an extra of steam cleaning in your lease cleaning service you’ll get a discounted price.

Do you work on weekends?

Yes, our services are available 24/7 365 days at no any extra cost.

Do you clean oven/blinds?

Yes, our prices includes the normal cleaning of your oven but if your oven is dirty /greasy it will cost you extra $44 because it takes lots of effort and different chemicals to clean those oven.

Dusting of the blinds is included in the price but if they need to wet wiped or deep cleaned it will be an extra $ 29 per fixture.

Do you clean blinds/curtains?

Yes, we do clean standard blinds but curtains/long blinds cleaning service is not provided with the lease cleaning as our bond cleaning team are trained and specialised only bond cleaning and to clean curtains/long blinds we need to send a different team so you have to book it separately.

Do you clean Windows?

Yes, we do clean windows from inside which is included in the price but if you want to get your windows cleaned from outside it will cost you extra.

What if I get complaints from Real Estate/Landlord?

Though our cleaners provide you the premium cleaning service but sometime there may be something missing somewhere but you don’t need to stress out. Once your Real Estate send you the exit report after inspection with a complaint you can contact our team or send us a exit report via email with images and we will assign our cleaners to get your place cleaned withing 72 hours. Please note, you have to send us a exit report within 72 hours after clean.

Do you clean the ceilings?

Unfortunately we don’t clean your ceilings but you need to inform us while booking so we can organise a seperate team for you.

Do you do Pre-Inspection cleaning?

Yes we do clean your house for inspection.

Do you clean Walls?

Yes we do clean your walls. We provide three different types of wall cleaning service. You can choose it while booking us.

Ready to get your End of Lease Cleaning in Sydney?